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 Updated: Thursday, August 09, 2007

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Best PC Parts Shopping

Need more memory for your PC? A new LCD monitor? Wireless LAN for home?
Great for keeping your  PC up-to-date! 
Best Software Shopping

Best prices, and the ONLY place that seems to discount Microsoft products.
Best online Mapping Way smoother than Mapquest!
Best Search Engine

No other engine gives the same consistently good results. Plus, it is updated quickly. Try it below...

Best Domain Names and Web Hosting  Ignore the silly name! Buy your own domain name (i.e. here.
Best Job Hunting Sites

Good sources of leads for employment. Still growing in popularity, but it JUST MIGHT work for you.
Best Lie Detector Before you pass along that scary e-mail message, find out if there's ANY truth in it. Snopes debunks all the latest urban legends. 
Best Kids Learning Real learning, with real fun. Great place for kids aged 6 to 13.
Best Kids Fun Create your own virtual pets, Keep them healthy by earning points playing cool online games. Really fun -- will keep your kids occupied for HOURS
Best Radar Weather I particularly like the Java loops. 
See the rain before it comes...and know when it will end. 
Best Online Music Shop Lots of stuff to drool over. Good prices. Reliable service. 
Best Amateur Radio Site The BEST utilities for ham radio operators. 

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