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Now Professional Services Manager for The Raymond Corporation.    



Not currently accepting  projects outside Raymond.  


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  Paul Firth - Tampa Technology Business Marketing Consultant  

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Experience makes the difference...

Business Plans

  Expert analysis to help you position your company.
  Superior editing skills give your plan the polish it needs. 
  Services include competitive analysis, strategic marketing
    plans, pro forma income and cash flow statements,
    business plan development, business plan review, etc. 

   "If you don't know where you're going,
    you'll wind up somewhere else."                                    

Yogi Berra         

Business Plan Examples

  High-speed event triggering software for large databases
A comprehensive business plan for a new venture selling software add-ons to existing database systems to greatly increase the number of simultaneous event triggers that can be monitored and executed 

Patented waste treatment process
Wrote the business plan for a company employing new technology for the treatment of municipal solid waste 

Web presence software company
Business plan for a software company providing unique Web solutions for live online customer service applications 

Wireless applications 
Plan for a company providing applications built upon existing wireless technology for vehicle fleet management and OSHA compliance

High-efficacy air cleaning system 
This business plan is for a unique new technology that kills all living things in the air, and neutralizes volatile organic compounds

Monitored mouse cages
Business plan for highly-automated mouse cages to ensure the health of highly valuable medical test subjects such as genetically engineered mice

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Paul Firth - Tampa Technical Software and Marketing

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