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Now Professional Services Manager for The Raymond Corporation.    



Not currently accepting  projects outside Raymond.  


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  Paul Firth - Tampa Technology Business Marketing Consultant  

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We hope these will address some of the common concerns...

What makes you unique?
  Rarely will you find a technical person who also has superior communication skills.
   Combine this with an ability to quickly assimilate any new technology, and to
   accurately describe it in words, and you have your answer. 

Do you charge by the hour, or by the project?
  The goal is to meet your needs. We can provide fixed-price bids on entire projects,
    or perform tasks for you and bill on an hourly basis.

What about our Intellectual Property?
  We will always respect your confidentiality. We often sign Non-Disclosure
    Agreements with our clients to ensure their protection.

Who owns the work you perform?
  Normally, you retain complete ownership of work for which you have contracted. In
    some circumstances, we may ask to re-use portions of the work to meet  the needs
    of other, non-competing clients.

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Paul Firth - Tampa Technical Software and Marketing

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